A Typical Session

A typical session at Noah's Ark provides a warm and caring environment, where priority is given to meeting the individual needs of each child to bring out their own special qualities and identity. A calm atmosphere where each child is encouraged to respect and value others will bring growth in confidence and self-worth.

We open the door and welcome each child and parent into the pre-school with relaxing music playing for the first half hour.

Activities are set out and the children decide what they would like to play with, for example, threading beads, play dough, puzzles, pencil play, painting, home corner etc.

This is followed by Circle Time when we take the register, share news, read out 'Wows' and talk about the topic of the week.

We often use Makaton Signs during Circle Time, Story Time and Singing Time.

We have a garden for outside play which we use every day.

We have a time when we all go out together for activities, and we also have free flow times during a session when the children can come out to the garden safely when they choose. When wet we put on wellies and raincoats. Sometimes we play parachute games and obstacle courses inside if it is too muddy!

Every day one child is chosen to be the Special Helper, which involves putting everyone's name out at Circle Time, putting cups out at snack time, and ringing the bells for tidy up time.

The children regularly have time with their Key Person. This time often has a special focus and includes developing and nurturing their individual skills and abilities.

Some children stay for lunch and take part in new exciting and fun activities in the afternoon.

We end each session with a story and parents arrive to collect their children.

For a more in-depth view of how the pre-school works please download our prospectus.