Feedback from Children

The following are quotes from children who currently attend Noah's Ark:

I love dressing up, circle time, den building, playdoh, slides and books. I have so much fun with my friends. Noah's Ark is really fun because there's so much playdough and other toys and I can dress up like Cinderella. I love painting and the other things I have learnt are amazing!

I love going to Noah's Ark because it's fun and the teachers are all fantastic! I'm so excited to go to preschool today to play with everyone. I love Noah's Ark and all my teachers. The dollies are the best. It's good because I do fun things like painting pictures, making my egg cup, dressing up and singing. The teachers are good at teaching and they say kind things. I like being a special helper and having a WOW read out. It's fun because I do good things like making my egg cup and painting pictures. The teachers are nice and they say kind things.